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I worked with the Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon race committee to create their 2018 race website. The main reasons Beargrease needed to update their website were online registrations for races & events, providing more value to sponsors, in need of a mobile friendly, and a modern look.

Antor Digital’s goals were to make the site more user friendly, make information easier to find, increase sponsorships, and race registrations. We had tremendous success in achieving these goals with this new design, user flow, and online registration process.

Who’s Our Audience?

One of the most important parts of any website redesign, is making sure we design for the correct audience. The Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon has a few distinct audience groups – the mushers, the spectators, the volunteers, and educators.

Each of these groups has their own set of needed information before race day, and they each interact with the website differently. We purposely grouped content by what is needed for each audience, and created main landing pages for each audience that direct them to the content they need. For example, volunteers have their own page on the site with a general overview, meeting schedules, directions, maps, and position descriptions all in one place.

Increasing Value for Sponsors

Most of us know – sponsors make the world go round! The Beargrease sponsors are truly one-of-a-kind and deserve to be recognized for helping create the level of success the Beargrease has each year. Every sponsor was added to the website, with a clean logo and consistent sizing (this sounds elementary but you’d be surprised what you see out there on other event sites’ sponsor pages!). Each sponsor logo had information about the sponsor, and a link out to their website. Key sponsors were placed on pages with high viewership especially closer to race day. Key pages were getting thousands of views leading up to the race. That is a lot of impressions for our sponsors to benefit from!

Race and Event Registration

Many sled dog races know the troubles of registration and unfortunately have to resort to paper + mailing registrations. This year, Antor Digital was able to create race registration forms that allowed mushers to easily submit all of their information and payments online. This made a world of difference for both mushers and the race team. The forms were set up with conditional logic, which meant that depending on which race a musher registers for, the questions change to race-specific questions. All registrations were stored in a secure database for the race administrative team to access, and email notifications were sent out to keep everyone up to date as registrations came in.

The Beargrease also hosted a number of fun events leading up to the race, like a beer tasting, cutest puppy contest, and cub run. All of these events were managed through forms from Antor Digital to sell tickets and keep track of attendee information. This system was also used to sell tickets for all the race banquets and other ticketed race events.



Beargrease Website


This website was built with all modern best practices in mind – such as mobile friendly designs and search engine optimization best practices to give website users the best experience possible.



  • Mobile & tablet device friendly website
  • Updated for same experience across modern browsers
  • Extensive use of forms for events registration as well as race registration. Use of these forms increased race registration by nearly double for the 2018 race.
  • Customized musher profiles for all race entrants
  • Sponsor showcase pages
  • Event information and pages for mushers, volunteers, and visitors to the race.


“I am so impressed with the look and ease of use. We were talking the other day about how much we appreciate your diligence and ingenuity in developing the site and giving us exactly what we need.” – Beargrease Board Member.